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Island Ugljan is one of the most beautiful islands of the Zadars archipelago, located opposite the town of Zadar with wich is conected with a number of ferries ( daily there is 18 lines from Preko to Zadar and vice versa ). For generations is tied to the sea, sailing and fishing, and 2000 years of tradition in olive growing left thousands of olive trees that produce oil of exeptional quality and flavor. This Adriatic pearl with a distinctive character which nature has endowed with beautiful Medditeranean flora and fauna, is covered with pine trees, olive an fig trees, almonds and vineyards. Walking through the parts of this barren rocky island you can come across various kinds of wild herbs ( thyme, myrtle, marshmallow, blackberry, lavander, rosemary ). And one of the nicest "decorations" of island are numerous crystal blue bays and beaches. Along the entire northeast side of the island Ugljan laying places Kukljica, Kali, Preko, Poljana, Sutomišćica, Lukoran and Ugljan in the center of which is located this charming old stone house. The traditional way of life is linked to the sea, agriculture and fisheries, which are in addition to other modern activities retained in all places today and make the island more prosperous in economic, cultural and traditional terms. In such a traditional spirit was built and this beautiful house. Two hundred years old, one of the oldest stone houses in the village, superbly renovated and adapted, exudes an autentic Mediterranean architecture. Beautiful old stone wall combines two objects.The first one is a house whose interior currently is in a process of renovation. There are built-in windows, changed roof, installed a new concrete slab, prepared new electricity installations, on a ground floor area of cca 50 m2 there will be arranged space for kitchen, dinning and living room with a fireplace and a toillette. On a first floor are two bedrooms and a bathroom. This object with total area of 100 m2 is also renewed in old Mediterranian style with worm and nice combination of wood as it is decorated and the second one, smaller house and the garden that conect them.This second object tells its own special story. It is a house of 40 m2 decorated in domestic, rustic style. Its decorating as well as landscaping the yard, where the current owner himself commiting on every detail gave a special time and attention, provide an unforgettable experience for all the senses by combining local heritage with authentic Mediteranean culture and tradition so that the exterior and interior of this object provide complete comfort with details that keep You coming back to past times.This house consists of a kitchen, dining room, bedrooms and bathrooms, it has a furnace (solid wood), and also built in and air conditioning. Between these two buildings is located, already mentioned, a courtyard 40 m2 with a beautiful flower garden which refines Mediterranean flowers and plants, vines, lemon and mandarin trees.One more also lovely decorated garden overall area of approximately 160m2 with a garden house  of 15m2 in which is included and parking space  is also part of this complete offer and are away of major facilities around thirty meters. . From infrastructure house has all but municipal sewage (but it has built in a septic tank). Car access is unrestricted, which is rare for an old stone house. The sea is about 200 m away, in the circle is also center of town, the post office, shops, etc. Complete paperwork and ownership are governed 1/1.


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General info

  • Property size 140.00m2
  • Distance from sea 300m
  • Distance from center 300m
  • Number of aparments 1
  • Number of rooms 3
  • Number of beds
  • Number of bathrooms 2


  • House type